Maternity Photography Photo Shoot

The miracle of life.

I want to be completely honest with you, many women don’t feel their best while they are pregnant. I know I didn’t but I am heartbroken now that I do not have one single photo of me, from either of my pregnancies, proudly sticking out my bump.

Maternity photo shoot in the comfort of your own home

I want to share with you three reasons why I know you should have maternity photos taken. I’m obviously hoping you will want me to take your photos but the most important thing is that someone takes photos of you.

1. Your body is doing magnificent work. Your body is growing a human. Your heart is literally beating for two. You have such a powerful body that it can sustain life for both you and your  unborn child. You need to document this amazing time in your life.

Maternity photo shoot at special locations

2. Your family dynamic is about to change. Whether this is your first baby. Whether you have a fur babies. Whether you have three children and this is your fourth. This baby will quite literally change everything.

Relaxed Maternity photo shoot on location

3. You will forget what it’s like to be pregnant. Sometimes I rack my brain trying to remember what it felt like to carry my two babies inside my body. Even if you don’t love being pregnant, you will want to remember what it felt like and photos will help take you back. 

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