Hello, my name is Cheryl Johnson and I think I have the best job in the whole wide world .... imagine being paid to do what you love, how lucky am I ???

I have travelled far and near capturing beautiful images for myself and others, see I told you I had the best job :)

I am a wife, mother and photographer based in Chafford Hundred, Essex, United Kingdom.

5th November 2011
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** UPDATE – there were eleven people that did not meet the criteria below so I have managed to squeeze a few of the latecomers on to the NICE list – the successful photographers will receive an email tomorrow night (9th November) xx

UPDATE – All 120 places have been filled, however there have been a couple of duplicate applications & others have not followed the instructions by either not completing the form fully or leaving a comment below. I will cross reference the list and post an update on Tuesday 8th November. Looks like this years workshop is going to be a blast with all these NICE people.

Do you want to say good-bye to those crummy christmas pictures of years gone by ? Can you work with tight timescales ? Each day for the first twelve days of December workshop photographers will receive a photographic assignment. You will then complete the assignment and upload your favourite image to forum the following day before 12 noon to receive feedback. The short deadline is intended to keep you focused and “make” you pick up that camera. A little pressure is good for the left side of the brain to get those creative juices flowing. Are you upto the challenge ?

12 Days of Christmas 2011 Workshop has had a make-over with a couple of new assignments, including photo editing. Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me why you should be on Santa’s NICE LIST.

Fill out my form!

This workshop is aimed at all levels of photographers from beginners to semi-pro’s.

Class starts on 1st December.

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