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21st August 2011

Alternative family holiday ideas

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Our summer holiday plans were totally ruined so I’ve been looking around for a last minute break.  I have specifically been looking for something totally different to the planned holiday in the sun so as to not compare to what ‘might have been’.  One idea was camping, the boys would absolutely love it but I really don’t see myself sleeping in the great outdoors with just a piece of nylon shielding me from nature ! I was unsettled when we stayed at the gorgeous Glen Oaks Motel in California last year. It was so quiet I could hear creatures outside the cabin so the thought of a tent makes the hairs on my neck stand up on end.

Next idea was a caravanning holiday, childhood memories of a camper van or static caravan summer are great as just that. Then I found Huttenplast Hotel in Berlin. This is my kind of camping /outdoor living. It is extremely popular so totally booked out.

Huttenplast Hotel Berlin Huttenpalast   Camping with a Difference

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Rather than spend the whole summer at home we settled on a trip to Center Parcs so a Woodland Lodge at Sherwood Forest is a close to nature and camping as I get. With all the activities the boys have planned I’m sure I’ll need another holiday to recover.